Maternity Sessions

Your Maternity Session

Whether it’s your first or fourth, pregnancy is a rare, fleeting time in your life. Your body is transformed in beautiful ways to reflect the new life growing within. You are becoming a mother.

Maternity photographs quickly become treasured family heirlooms. I work with each client individually to create an unforgettable experience documenting a very special time in their lives. I believe baby bellies are beautiful and something to celebrate, commemorate, and share with your little ones as they grow older.

You may choose to have your maternity session as just the two of us; a private, intimate quiet affair; or we can include Dad, siblings, and close family members. This is your day, your session. You get to decide how you’d like it to be!


Choosing a Location

Whether it’s in my studio, in your home, or somewhere in-between, the location of your photoshoot sets the mood and tone for the images! Some women are more comfortable taking photos in a home setting, while others prefer a beautiful park or field of wildflowers. I am willing to travel to locations around the area, or to your home, depending on what you decide. I also have a trove of my favorite local photo spots. If you don’t know what you want, just ask; I'm always happy to make recommendations!


What to Wear


• Maternity Gowns are Provided if you wish to wear one.

• Try for solids! Bright colors or muted tones can look amazing depending on the location you choose

• Choose clothing that is slightly clingy and stretchy to show off your form (cotton blends, silks, rayons) Choose clothing that defines your waist. It helps to define your bump from your chest line. A slim belt can help with this as well. :)

• Long-sleeved tops and spaghetti straps are ideal

• Slightly form-fitting dresses that cling to your bump rather than hang off of it can be very elegant

• Wraps, textured scarves, and saris create a whimsical, artistic look

• Accessorize! :)

• Try to find comfortable, natural-looking footwear. If you're wearing a shorter dress/skirt boots are always a hit and they work wonders to hide any swelling you may have in your feet. :)

• Lotion, especially on knees, elbows, and hands, help your skin to glow


• Avoid wearing tight undergarments, especially if you plan to show off your bump bare-skinned; you don’t want red marks from elastic!

• Avoid baggy clothing or shirts that hang loosely - we’ll lose the shape of your beautiful belly!

• Prints, stripes, and multi-color fabrics can be distracting from your form.


Quick Facts

• Maternity sessions are best done at about 7-8 months into the pregnancy for full, round bellies

• Sessions can be in any location or setting.

• Sessions can include your choice of family members

• Depending on your session purchase it can last from 30-90 minutes.

• Bring water, lotion, snack, extra makeup for touch-ups, one or two changes of clothing (optional)