Schedule a tentative date for your newborn session.

If you are due tomorrow, or 6 months from now, it is never too late to schedule your session.   We will schedule a tentative date for your session (usually 7 days after your due date).  From there we will check in with you periodically to keep up with your progression.   If you deliver early or later, we have the ability to trade dates with other expecting parents. 

Scheduling a tentative date allows us to remain flexible and to ensure that we can have your session within 7-14 days after your new bundle of joy arrives! (We recommend having your session within the first 14 days of life to ensure that we can achieve the sweet curly, sleepy poses).

Once we schedule your tentative newborn session you will receive an email with more details about what to have ready and how your newborn session will be structured.


1.        How long does the session take?

Our average newborn session is 2 hours; however it can take less than two hours or more than two hours depending on your new baby.  Some newborns will sleep throughout the entire session and we finish within an hour.  Some newborns become hungry during sessions and we stop for a feeding.  We all know that with a newborn we are on their schedule.  We can take as much or as little of time that we need.

2.       What time of day would our session be?

If at all possible we always schedule our newborn sessions for first thing in the morning.  Most newborns sleep more soundly at this time of the day.

3.       Where will our newborn session be?

Your posed newborn session would be done in my home studio in Fredericksburg.  Please click here to see our studio.

4.       What do we need to bring if our session is in your home studio? 

Just bring yourselves and your beautiful newborn.  Pack your diaper bag as you normally would.  You are more than welcome to bring special items of your own if you would like to include them in some of the photos.  I have quite a collection of props and cute hats and headbands. 

5.       What if our baby is fussy?

We will take as much time as we need to capture your newborn portraits.  We have plenty of time for soothing, feedings, changes, burping, etc.  Your baby dictates our session together and we will go with your baby's flow. :)

6.       What if our baby pees on your props?

It wouldn’t be normal if it did not happen.  Just laugh along with me!

7.       Can we include siblings and other family members into some of the photos?

Absolutely!  We keep these photos to a small amount of shots only because we have lots to accomplish during your newborn session.